Pale Ale Vulkan Brauerei

Pale Ale | Vulkan Brauerei

Winston Churchill says hello! One of the most influential and controversial 20th century politicians, he was known for his open and witty, sometimes quite insulting nature (e.g. „Tomorrow I shall be sober but you will still be ugly.“). Besides his political career he was a Literature Nobel Prize winner, an avid painter, and also extremely […]

Brutal IPA | Rogue Nation

You all know Rogue Nation’s slogan “Join the Revolution,“ don’t you? As you may be aware of, beer has always been a sensitive topic in history (come on, let the dying historian in me brag a bit to at least justify my history degree 🙄). Here in Germany several revolutions took place due to increased […]

Strong Suffolk Dark Ale | Greene King

I took this beer with me into the bath tub the other day and we were perfect together! Sipping on the Strong Suffolk Dark Ale by Greene King with my eyes closed ignited a freaking firework of taste on my tongue. I even saw myself sitting next to a fireplace with a soft puppy on […]

Captain Blaubeer | Mashsee Brauerei Hannover

“I’ll be back before you can say blueberry pie.“ I wonder if Tarantino would have changed this line in Pulp Fiction to “Blueberry Baltic Porter“ after having had a sip of Captain Blaubeer by Mashsee Brauerei. Anyways, this is great for the lazy evening I’m enjoying right now. A Baltic Porter, dry-hopped like an IPA. […]

All Day IPA | Founders Brewing Co.

“If you still need to get things done – All Day IPA!“ Well, this is a great low alcohol session beer that embraces the concept of a light, easy-drinking, however, still full-flavored beer. Before sales went through the roof with All Day IPA, Founders Brewing Co. was rather a pioneer of the extreme beer movement […]

SHIPA Simcoe | Kehrwieder Kreativbrauerei

Hoppy Monogamy: Single Hop India Pale Ale Simcoe In 2012, after living and brewing abroad for eight years (Cayman Islands and Florida, among others), Oliver Wesseloh decided to return home to Hamburg. It was time for “creative beer“, as he likes to call Craft Beer. Soon Kehrwieder Kreativbrauerei was established. A year later Oliver won […]