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You all know Rogue Nation’s slogan “Join the Revolution,“ don’t you? As you may be aware of, beer has always been a sensitive topic in history (come on, let the dying historian in me brag a bit to at least justify my history degree 🙄). Here in Germany several revolutions took place due to increased beer prices (e.g. Munich Beer Revolution, Frankfurt Beer Riot, Beer War of Bamberg …). Many were actually successful – people back then (well, some also today) consumed beer in rather larger quantities and thus, protested like maniacs since increased beer prices would have hit them really hard, especially workers. Some ended pretty brutal though.

Brutal IPA by Rogue Nation, however, is anything but brutal. It’s actually a well-balanced, solid but no traditional IPA (Rogue describes it as hybrid between a Very Extra Special Bitter & an IPA), brewed only with hops which were cultivated at the Rogue Farm.

It pours slightly hazy amber to dark orange with an off white head. The dominant aromas for me were definitely orange and grapefruit, it also smelled kinda grassy with notes of pine. It’s a strikingly velvety IPA what I like, taste was good, but didn’t knock my socks off (I was waiting for more POW, you know I’m a hop head! 🤷🏽‍). Again grapefruity with orange, malty sweetness, citrus with a long mildly bitter finish. I think this is a beer that most (craft) beer drinkers would enjoy, it pleases the masses.

ABV: 6.3%

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