Captain Blaubeer | Mashsee Brauerei Hannover

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“I’ll be back before you can say blueberry pie.“ I wonder if Tarantino would have changed this line in Pulp Fiction to “Blueberry Baltic Porter“ after having had a sip of Captain Blaubeer by Mashsee Brauerei.

Anyways, this is great for the lazy evening I’m enjoying right now.

A Baltic Porter, dry-hopped like an IPA. It actually reminds me a lot of a Black IPA. Pours a dark brown, hazy color, nice beige head. Rich roasting flavor accompanied by a caramel sweetness and notes of chocolate and malt. Taste is espresso, yummy brownie, kinda roasty, a soft bitterness and indeed, a blueberry finish.

Very berry! 🤤 Interesting combination. It’s definitely a beer I didn’t pour down quickly but took my time with.

Kolja and Alexander established Mashsee brewery in Hannover a couple of years ago without really knowing each other. They first met randomly at a Craft Beer Event and prove again that beer connects people.

It took them as long as a regular pregnancy takes to give birth to the dream both had in common: To brew their own beer babies 😁 And: They are really worth trying.
ABV: 6.1%

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