Das nächste große Ding: Brut IPA

Brutal IPA | Rogue Nation

You all know Rogue Nation’s slogan “Join the Revolution,“ don’t you? As you may be aware of, beer has always been a sensitive topic in history (come on, let the dying historian in me brag a bit to at least justify my history degree 🙄). Here in Germany several revolutions took place due to increased […]

Fuller's IPA

India Pale Ale | Fuller’s

Fuller’s IPA: A Classy English-Style India Pale Ale The rain is tapping on my window, almost if it would be asking me to come inside. I couldn’t imagine anything more relaxing than listen to it while snuggling into my fluffy blankets, reading a good book and drinking a tasty beer. Good old Fuller’s IPA is […]

love craft beer on tap

Fünf Gründe, Craft Beer zu lieben

Der Hype um Craft Beer ist auch an Deutschland nicht spurlos vorübergegangen. In Bars begrüßen mich heute schier endlose Bierkarten, die mein Herz vor Freude hüpfen lassen: „Mh, was davon hatte ich noch nicht? Oder doch wieder das leckere IPA vom letzten Mal?“ Doch auch in Lebensmittelläden leuchten einem immer öfter bunte Craft-Beer-Etiketten entgegen, die […]