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Pale Ale | Vulkan Brauerei

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Winston Churchill says hello!

One of the most influential and controversial 20th century politicians, he was known for his open and witty, sometimes quite insulting nature (e.g. „Tomorrow I shall be sober but you will still be ugly.“). Besides his political career he was a Literature Nobel Prize winner, an avid painter, and also extremely accident prone. He not only almost drowned, but also fell several times from horses, was hit by a car and crashed a plane while learning to fly. Fun fact: The first documented use of the abbreviation OMG 😱 was found in a letter sent to him in 1917.

And what brings us back to today’s beer? His famous quip, „I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me.“ 😁

This single hop Pale Ale (mosaic) by Vulkan Braurei is a great companion for the last summer days to come. Good to know: The original brewery was founded in 1875 under a different name and until today is supposed to have the deepest beer cellar in the world.

The Pale Ale pours a golden yellow-reddish color with a frothy white head. Strong, fruity fresh but also quite earthy nose with passion fruits, very dominant mango and ripe papaya aromas, balanced out by resinous hop notes. The taste does not quite mirror the nose – the first sip is a bit watery followed by malty notes, some peaches and strawberries. Pleasant soft-bitter finish. Decent mild and refreshing summer ale. To your health!

ABV 4.9%

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