Strong Suffolk Dark Ale | Greene King

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I took this beer with me into the bath tub the other day and we were perfect together! Sipping on the Strong Suffolk Dark Ale by Greene King with my eyes closed ignited a freaking firework of taste on my tongue. I even saw myself sitting next to a fireplace with a soft puppy on my lap, listening to the crackling fire.

This is a LOVELY ale for cozy winter nights, it will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside! Well or you drink it in the bath tub. Your choice.

Anyways, this was brewed using an extraordinary, old english method of brewing. We are talking about a blend of two ales. Old 5X which is brewed really strong (around 12% ABV) and left to mature in big oak barrels, sealed with clay and stored for a minimum of 2 years. And, on the other hand, BPA, a dark, full-bodied, freshly brewed beer, which is added just before bottling.

It pours a clear, nice dark brown ruby color with a creamy beige, but short-lived head.

Wonderfully fruity & oaky smell. Strong roasted aroma, heavy notes of raisins and plums which I really love.

The taste is fairly sweet with roasted malts and a caramel sweetness, chocolate, toffee, woody oak, some vanilla, slightly coffe notes, some honey, maybe also cherry liquor. And I could go on! All in all it reminds me a lot of marsala or port wine, even sherry a bit. Well and the oak plus caramel note gives it a bourbon taste, too. I was really amazed (and kinda overwhelmed) by all the things I was able to taste. Once sipped, it leaves a nice alcohol warmth in your belly. Really pleasant and long aftertaste.

Medium-bodied beer with a soft silky, almost oily mouthfeel. More please!

ABV: 6.0%

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